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Data-driven decision making. Sorted.

Materials and trend analysis for your waste.

Recycleye Insights

Recycleye Insights

Recycleye Insights help you understand trends in your waste streams. Data from all items detected by Recycleye Vision as they pass along the belt is presented in a simple graphical format.

Data can be downloaded and customised to focus on different timeframes and groupings, with email warning alerts available too.

User-friendly and downloadable.

View your data in dashboards or download the detail for further analysis.


Identify the percentage of each material class in your waste stream. Spot trends or issues.


Get clarity on material composition as it moves onto and off your belt. Better understand purity.


Understand the impact of automated robotic picking on your line; including robot uptime and successful picks completed.

AI-powered waste insights. Sorted.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. With Recycleye Insights, you can see the composition in and out of your waste stream and identify trends in material composition.

With easy-to-use data and clear graphics, your analysis and decision making will be more informed than ever.

Case studies

AI-powered success stories.

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FCC Environment HDPE Line Case Study

The client was seeking a solution to segregate and remove contamination from a split-stream plastics line.

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Aluminium line case study

Panda Ireland was looking for technology to support plant efficiency and to manage costs.

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Fibre Line Use Case

The client wanted to pick contaminants from their fibre line to increase the purity of their offtake.

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Bryson Recycling Paper Line Case Study

The client was looking for a solution to improve purity on a paper line, specifically to pick brown board and carton from a mixed line.

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