Sorting the World’s Waste.

Waste Doesn’t Exist – Only Materials in the Wrong Place

At Recycleye, we’re accelerating the world’s transition to the circular economy. Our team of advanced research engineers have developed automated turnkey solutions that are bringing total transparency, traceability and accountability to the waste management industry using artificial intelligence and recycling robotics.

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Harnessing Intelligence Capabilities

Total Waste Knowledge

Orchestrate your assets with our intelligence capabilities.

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Total Automation

World-class hardware that provides remote support and 24/7  live monitoring.

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Advanced Research

WasteNet; the World’s largest dataset for waste.

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Solving the Problem of the Century

Who is Recycleye?

Recycleye is training the world’s most powerful recycling robotics fortified with machine learning to bring total transparency, traceability and accountability to the waste management industry. Our team of technologists and creatives have developed computer vision algorithms that replicate the power of human vision to identify every item in entire waste streams – broken down by material, object and even brand. The company’s strategic partners include Microsoft, Imperial College London, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, as well as a host of others.


Recycleye has partnered with academics at leading universities to create WasteNet; the world’s largest dataset for waste, holding over 2.5 million training images created by deep learning and computer vision.

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Recycleye combines a unique and highly scalable technology for sorting wastes with a very dynamic team aiming for fast market introduction and business growth. The EIT RawMaterials accelerator program is designed to support fast-growing startups such as Recycleye and we are proud to be contributing to their success.

Nicolas Menou, Business Development Manager at EIT Raw Materials

Recycleye is a well-founded and carefully structured company drawing together people with a wide range of skills and experience whose aim is to improve the environment for the future. It has a clear strategy and objectives and this has been significant in harnessing so much backing from a wide spectrum of supporters, from finance through to support in kind and the partnerships necessary for operational piloting of different options. The company is therefore well positioned to tackle the technical, logistical and economic issues that will determine how resources will be recovered in the future. Artificial intelligence and increasing automation are key drivers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Recycleye is strategically positioned to solve the problems of the demands of an increasingly sophisticated waste sector.

Jeff Cooper, Former President at CIWM

To meet the challenge of the climate emergency we must innovate and invest in transformative ideas. Many of the solutions to the big issues we’ve faced over time have been born on university campuses, and we are proud to be supporting two young businesses with ideas that can change society for the better. In their pitches, both Recycleye and Tempo Market demonstrated a hugely credible solution to their identified issue and the potential for their idea to have a positive impact on society.

Tor Burrows, Director of Sustainability at Grosvenor

I was impressed by Recycleye’s expertise, and their incredible ability to federate around them, the best academic, technological and industrial skills, as well as to transpose all this knowledge in very concrete cases. I am delighted to support the growth of Recycleye, convinced that they will be able to provide breakthrough technologies to further the creation of an ever more circular economy.

Bernard Harambillet, Former CEO at Veolia

This technology could be a game-changer, not just for the recycling industry but for manufacturing and innovation in this country. Recycleye has the potential to radically improve the quality of materials that come out of a Materials Recycling Facility and refine sorting to such an extent that MRFs could, in future, provide highly specific materials ‘on demand’ to innovators who need recycled feedstock for their products. At LWARB we’re excited to be able to invest in Recycleye through the Greater London Investment Fund and we’ll be watching with interest as the system expands over the next few years.

Wayne Hubbard, CEO at LWARB

Working with Recycleye has been very exciting. Their products and systems will significantly improve sorting capabilities, i.e. helping to reduce the waste that goes into landfill. Supporting their growth is the first concrete step for us to contribute to the decentralisation we expect in the waste management industry.

Pierre-Yves Cohen, CEO at eolos

Plug and Play is looking for the most disruptive, visionary startups worldwide to address specific pain points of large corporations. Recycleye's huge potential to scale its solution to other global travel & hospitality partners made the company a strong member and one out of 8 Smart Cities Batch startups that made it into the program in Vienna.

Katinka Weber, Programme Manager at Plug and Play

We are delighted to welcome Recycleye into this year's Applied AI programme. Recycleye has a blend of a strong, ambitious team and defensible technology, but it also seeks to solve an important challenge of our time: reducing waste and moving us towards a cleaner future. For these reasons, the judges were convinced that Recycleye has potential to scale and we look forward to supporting them as they seek to deliver impact.

Harry Rhys Davies, AI Programme Lead at Technation

We are delighted to work with Recycleye to assess the potential of AI technology in our plant, which we expect to help track and improve quality standards for key material streams

Eric Randall, Director, Bryson Recycling