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Your next innovation. Sorted.

AI-powered sorting equipment and analytics for waste management businesses globally.

Delivering improved profitability to your waste sorting business. 

Improve your volume and offtake purity. Reduce labour headaches and lower your OPEX.

ai-powered solutions

Retrofittable, robust and reliable 6-axis AI waste robots.

VALTRIS, SWS and Recycleye explain how AI-powered robotic sorting is adding value by sorting more valuables from residual (especially PET) adding value to the plant and helping to support the workload of human workers.

Case studies by material

Limitless classes of waste. Sorted.

Explore below to discover real-life client and use case studies by material


Polymers including PET, PP, HDPE, food and non-food grades are successfully sorted with AI

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Get granular with AI – sort your aluminium down to object type for a clean can fraction

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Sort strays from your 2D streams to deliver greater purity

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Detect and remove cartons using AI with accuracy never seen before

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Sort cables, PCBs, copper, metals and batteries from WEEE

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