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Your competitive advantage. Sorted.

Make robotic automation your next sorting innovation.

Recycleye Robotics

Recycleye Robotics

Profitability is your MRF’s key driver. Recycleye Robotics helps reduce costs by automating your manual picking operations, bringing you quality results with up to 33,000 objects picked per 10-hour shift.

Lower the cost of your materials sorting and QC to drive profitability, with robust technology that’s easily installed over existing waste streams to deliver a stronger ROI for innovation.

Robust QC automation designed for DMR.

Co-developed with FANUC to sort plastics, non-ferrous and fibre materials.

Fast retrofit with no plant modifications.

Quick install at your MRF by a small team of our experts.

24/7 robotic picking. Always there, always sorting.

Improve MRF output quality with reliable contamination removal across a shift.

Recycleye service and maintenance plan to bring peace of mind.

Tailored support package ensures your robot is always ready to work.

Your next innovation. Sorted.

Recycleye Robotics is driven by Recycleye Vision, using ground-breaking AI that’s as accurate as a human eye.

We’ll work with you to deliver a technology solution to meet your needs, sorting your waste more consistently accurately compared to manual sorting.  And for your peace of mind, your installation is supported end-to-end by our expert engineers, underpinned by the FANUC European maintenance network.

Picking Tetra

Leading robotics partner

Jointly developed through a partnership with FANUC UK to sort dry mixed recyclables. Choose Recycleye Robotics with the confidence you’re working with a leading global robotics manufacturer, supported by a trusted network of technical experts and spare parts services across Europe.

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Customer success stories

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The client was seeking a solution to segregate and remove contamination from a split-stream plastics line.

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Aluminium line case study

Panda Ireland was looking for technology to support plant efficiency and to manage costs.

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Fibre Line Use Case

The client wanted to pick contaminants from their fibre line to increase the purity of their offtake.

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Bryson Recycling Paper Line Case Study

The client was looking for a solution to improve purity on a paper line, specifically to pick brown board and carton from a mixed line.

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