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Stories & Case Studies

Customer Stories

See the potential of cutting-edge technology to transform your operations.

Powerful partnership. Sorted.

Your needs are the heart of what we do. Every solution we design and deliver is tailored to meet your needs, bringing modern, reliable and robust technology that supports profitable operations.

When you work with Recycleye, you’ll benefit from both our AI expertise and our deep understanding of waste detection and sorting. We’ll make sure we create, install and optimise a solution that delivers what you need for the most profitable and efficient results.

Product Videos

Recycleye Robotics – on multiple lines

Recycleye Vision – detections in action

Optical sorter – in action

Aluminium Line sorting

Featured Clients on Video

VALTRIS, SWS and Recycleye explain how AI-powered robotic sorting is adding value by sorting more valuables from residual (especially PET) adding value to the plant and helping to support the workload of human workers.

Recovering recyclables with Cireco Scotland

David Goodenough discusses how Cireco Scotland is recovering aluminium cans and rolling PET left on the residual line in the MRF with 3 AI-powered robotic pickers.

Customer Case Studies

Want to explore how automation could optimise your plant’s operations?