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Customer Stories

See the potential of cutting-edge technology to transform your operations.

Powerful partnership. Sorted.

Your needs are the heart of what we do. Every solution we design and deliver is tailored to meet your needs, bringing modern, reliable and robust technology that supports profitable operations.

When you work with Recycleye, you’ll benefit from both our AI expertise and our deep understanding of waste detection and sorting. We’ll make sure we create, install and optimise a solution that delivers what you need for the most profitable and efficient results.

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Featured Clients

Liam Dunne, Head of Project Management Office at Panda Ireland, explains what drove the MRF to invest in robotic automation on the aluminium line, and the clear business benefits achieved as a result.

Highlights from our webinar on managing risk when considering and deploying robotic automation in a MRF, with special guest Jarek Stanislawek, Engineering Manager at Bryson Recycling.

Recycleye CEO Victor Dewulf interviews Rory Brien, General Manager at FCC’s re3 plant, who offers unique insights on the successful deployment of AI to identify and sort plastic waste at his MRF in Reading.

Customer Case Studies

Want to explore how automation could optimise your plant’s operations?

Product Videos

Recycleye Robotics – Paper Line

Recycleye Robotics – HDPE/Mixed Plastics Split Stream

Recycleye Vision – Aluminium Line

Get to Know

Get to Know: Recycleye Robotics gripper

Want to explore how automation could optimise your plant’s operations?