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Extraordinary performance. Sorted.

AI-powered sorting for your waste facility.

Harnessing the power of AI for waste sorting.

AI brings the power of accurate detection to waste. By applying deep learning, it uses millions of decisions to categorise your waste based on visual characteristics, enabling you to sort to unprecedented granularity.

At Recycleye our AI is as accurate as a human eye and identifies features of an object rather than merely its material, colour or size. Unaffected by dust and dirt, this ground-breaking technology recognises items that were previously impossible to detect, including black plastics or food-grade packaging.

Use our AI to differentiate between your aluminium sub-classes, such as aerosols, cans and pouches.

Vision System over belt hi res

AI at the core.

Based on our unique database of billions of images known as WasteNet, our AI technology powers both our high-volume and targeted sorting automation solutions, depending on your line and objectives.

AI-powered insights.

Automate your manual QC with an AI solution that’s more consistently accurate than manual sorting, while providing data for strategic decision making.

Trained to recognise waste including DMR and WEEE, Recycleye Robotics and Recycleye Optical Sorter solutions provide insights delivered through user-friendly dashboards. Helping track waste trends on your lines, support decision making and identify issues.

Case studies

AI-powered success stories

Learn more about how our AI-driven sorting solutions could benefit your business

FCC Environment HDPE Line Case Study

The client was seeking a solution to segregate and remove contamination from a split-stream plastics line.

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Aluminium line case study

Panda Ireland was looking for technology to support plant efficiency and to manage costs.

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Fibre Line Use Case

The client wanted to pick contaminants from their fibre line to increase the purity of their offtake.

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Bryson Recycling Paper Line Case Study

The client was looking for a solution to improve purity on a paper line, specifically to pick brown board and carton from a mixed line.

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