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Recycleye Robotics  

Jointly developed with FANUC, and the Manufacturing Technology Centre, Recycleye Robotics is a highly intelligent robotic waste system, designed to systemise, control and automate manual sorting operations. 

Recycleye Robotics has been designed with modularity in mind. The system:

  • Exceeds human performance with 55 successful picks per minute
  • Doubles facility throughput
  • Weighs 75% less than any existing robotic waste picker on the market
  • Zero retrofit costs, enabling MRF to scale automation across all waste sorting lines
recycling robotics

Leveraging World-leading AI 

Powered by Recycleye Vision, Recycleye Robotics engages in accurate and reliable waste sorting. Our world-leading AI vision system identifies and classifies all items on waste streams – by material, object and even brand. Leveraging artificial intelligence to power Recycleye’s robotic picker, it can easily to adapt to changing waste compositions without any need for retrofit.

Developed in Collaboration with

recycling robotics

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