Total Waste Knowledge

Orchestrate your assets with our Artificial Intelligence and Robotics capabilities

Can You Teach Your Old MRF New Tricks?

Create more value out of your existing assets

artificial intelligence

How to Leverage Live Waste Compositional Data?

Increase the performance of your existing assets by 2-8%

Harnessing  Intelligence Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence

WasteNet is the world’s largest visual database of labelled waste items (over 2,500,000 labelled and segmented images, and growing!) that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to identify waste at brand-level.


Our Smart Analytics platform offers full visibility on your MRF performance, trend analysis, and total wastestream knowledge for you to fully optimise material recovery throughput.


Our Hardware promises high reliability, high availability, and plug and play installation.

So What’s Next?

How will you deliver a MRF 2.0?

So What’s Next?

How will you deliver a MRF 2.0?