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Winners of the Tech for the Planet award 2022: Recycleye

Recycleye Winners 2022: Tech for the Planet award

Recycleye was chosen as the winner of the Tech for the Planet category at the 6th annual Digital Leaders Impact Awards, in a ceremony in London last week.  The judges selected Recycleye from a final shortlist of 3 in our category, judging our entry explaining the development and application of our Recycleye Robotics and Recycleye Vision technology as this year’s winner!

The Digital Leaders Impact Awards celebrate technological innovations that improve people’s lives and the world around us, highlighting Tech for Good applications across the UK.   The awards were open to any UK-operating business, government department or non-profit using digital products or services for positive social impact. Recycleye was chosen as one of the 39 finalists out of 500 nominees from across the UK, each leading the way in digital transformation.

Speaking after the event, Peter Hedley CTO of Recycleye, said “This is a fantastic result and demonstrates the results of the team’s hard work and the support we have had from our partners to develop this ground-breaking solution to waste sorting.  Our work is reinventing the economics of recycling and an award such as this helps us to spread the word about what we can achieve for the planet”

Read more about the awards and the winners of other categories in this blog from Digital Leaders.


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