Recycleye have been featured in UKTN‘s article on the top 10 start-ups in the UK using AI for good!

Through its research, Recycleye discovered an effective and highly employable solution to the current waste industry’s most prominent issues. Using AI computer vision and ultra-low-cost robotics in its technology systems, the company have created a mini-MRF system with a single module that is able to sort various materials, including light-weight materials and single-use plastics, in a highly cost-effective manner.

Recycleye’s computer vision system replicates the best sensor that currently exists – the human eye. The system has been trained to log which brands and materials are being sent to waste facilities, generating feedback loops that transfer the cost of recycling a certain item back to the producer. Our WasteNet database holds over 2.7 million labelled waste images, placing it as the world’s largest data set of its kind. It’s use enables greater traceability and accountability to benefit the EPR scheme by providing drilled-down data to organisations and holding them responsible to market recyclable items to their consumers.

Additionally, Recycleye’s research into waste-sorting has been successful in identifying and separating food-grade plastics. Traditionally impossible, this capability stops these plastics being downcycled expands the addressable market for recyclates: addressing several UN Sustainable Development Goals (12/8/11/13/14/15) and net zero contributors, such as landfill diversion and waste reduction.

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