20 May, 2021  — Recycleye’s CTO, Peter Hedley, joined Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast to discuss how he navigated his career path and developed a newfound passion for technology during his University years!

The Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast, founded by Harsha Boralessa, is designed to empower individuals experiencing uncertainty towards their future endeavours, and highlights why this uncertainty is critical to your success. Taking influence from neuroscience and psychological concepts, Boralessa communicates that as much as we try to do otherwise, it is impossible to chart a certain path through uncertain waters.

“My impact as a software engineer – even as someone who was just messing around with code and didn’t really know what they were doing – was significantly more than my impact as a civil engineer. It really got me thinking about how can I maximise my time through my career and make sure I had the biggest impact in the world. That really pushed me down the software path from my 3rd year in Uni onwards.”, Peter shared.

Don’t miss your chance to hear Peter’s words of advice on forging a new path, cultivating creativity and totally reimagining your career!

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