Recycleye have been featured as ‘Ones to Watch’ in the renowned advisory firm StateUp’s annual StateUp 21 report.

StateUp 21 is the first annual publication to offer both data-driven insights into the international GovTech landscape, and deeply researched profiles of some of the most promising GovTech startups. The company aims to help public servants to understand what technologies are available to them, and help entrepreneurs and investors better understand the GovTech market.

Dr. Tanya Filer, StateUp Founder and Director commented: “It is critical that we offer more information on the potential of GovTech to improve the services that citizens count on. Many policymakers are interested in emerging and digital technologies but need evidence to justify taking risks with promising young companies.”

“University spin-offs like Recycleye are well placed to prioritise and build for trustworthiness because of their proximity to the latest research and discussion on ethical technology and technology policy.”

Having received £0.5 million from Innovate UK to incorporate Recycleye’s vision systems with low-cost automated sorting in the recycling industry, the British government are supporting the company in their drive to ensure the UK’s recycling target of 65 per cent is met by 2035. As Recycleye continues to scale in 2021, they will focus on digitising and bringing transparency to the waste management industry.

Take a look at the full report here