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Recycleye Shortlisted for Best Team Culture Award

Recycleye have been shortlisted for ‘Best Team Culture’ by the Company Culture Awards!

The Company Culture Awards recognise and celebrate companies who share values, care and nurture their workforce, offer career development, reward good work and create a workplace environment that is beyond just an office space, even when remote.

Ashika Patel, Communications Associate at Recycleye commented: “We are honoured to be recognised as a finalist for the Best Team Culture Award. Our work environment and culture is created by the team collectively, by design not default. Despite the challenges of remote working, the company’s collaborative approach has created honest and open communication channels. Recycleye’s success can only be attributed to the dedication of each team member, with a shared mission to accelerate the world’s transition towards a circular economy. “

The winner of the Best Team Culture Award will be announced on 27th April!

View the full shortlist below:

2021 Shortlist



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