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Get to Know: Recycleye Robotics pneumatics and gripper system


Watch our latest video to find out why the pneumatics and gripper system are so well adapted to picking dry mixed recyclables.

Presented by our Hardware Engineer Thomas Alden, the video explains why our six-axis robot is the best solution for dry mixed recyclables, with its pick, rotate and shoot functionality.

Its features are the result of our development innovations that make our system robust, reliable and uniquely suited to successfully picking materials including aluminium cans and plastic bottles; whatever shape they are in by the time they reach your MRF.  Combined with our silicone gripper, robust and mouldable to all DMR materials, this is truly the robot that MRF managers need for reliable and consistent operation.

Want to know more about how Recycleye Robotics could bring innovation and reliability to your MRF? Just get in touch and we’ll arrange a free site audit.


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