Following our success at the Circular Challenge Urban Lab in 2021, we are proud to have been awarded the goCircular Pass by TheCircularLab.  TheCircularLab is the first open innovation centre for the circular economy in Europe, created by Ecoembes in 2017. 

This seal is awarded to start-ups considered to have the greatest potential to contribute to the transition to the circular economy.  It has so far been awarded to 32 young companies across Europe, which have demonstrated innovation in the circular economy.

An evaluation committee made up of experts with extensive experience in the field of the circular economy, created by TheCircularLab, is responsible for evaluating all applications and making the final decision on the granting of the goCircular Pass.

To be eligible for the award of a seal, a start-up must:

  • have a high level of innovation in its products or business model
  • offer a portfolio of solutions or products that contribute or may contribute to the circular economy
  • provide supporting documentation that demonstrates the start-up’s ability to add value to circularity
  • be less than 10 years old

In addition, the start-up must be part of goCircular Radar , the map of the most innovative start-ups in the circular economy sector, numbering 190 so far.

We are excited and grateful for the support and recognition from the team at TheCircularLab for the award of this seal.