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Recycleye Leads The Way at 35 Under 35 Awards

On the second day of RWM Letsrecycle Live, Recycleye Team members Benedetta Delfino and Paloma Aldeguer were announced as winners of the 35 under 35 2022 prize at the event’s Future Talent Hub.

The award recognises ‘rising stars’ in the waste management industry – identifying those under the age of 35 who have shown professional excellence, promoted innovation or contributed to the wider community. Holding industry-wide recognition, the award is a fantastic achievement for Benny and Paloma.

Recycleye is one of very few companies to have received multiple awards at the ceremony, demonstrating the team’s deep industry expertise once more.

Steve Eminton, editor of, said of the award winners that judges had seen “real dedication and a level of consciousness among the 35 which was quite amazing”, and this really rings true for our winners…

Since joining Recycleye as our first Technical Sales Manager, Paloma has harnessed her strong background in environmental engineering and passion for innovative MRF technologies to foster many meaningful relationships with key industry stakeholders. This has undoubtedly accelerated innovation across the UK and Europe, with Recycleye technologies being adopted by many key players thanks to Paloma’s dedicated and passionate approach.

Equally, Benny, Recycleye’s Tech Lead for Machine Learning has shown professional excellence in abundance since joining the team. The models developed by Benny, which detect all household waste by object and material, have led to unprecedented purity and efficiency results at all installations of our technology at client sites. Beyond her role as ML Tech Lead, Benny can also be credited for the Recycleye partnership with Acea Ambiente, which saw Recycleye Vision become the first AI waste analysis system in Italy.

These awards are the latest to have recognised the exceptional capabilities of the Recycleye team, with others including the success of our co-founders, Victor and Peter, at the inaugural European Patent Office Young Inventors Awards earlier this year.

Look out for interviews with our two winners, Paloma and Benny, which will be surfacing on our social channels in the coming months.


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