At Recycleye we are developing technologies to win the war on waste. Today, we announce the launch of Recycleye Satellite: the first satellite-vision system capable of identifying all waste on earth from space!

Recycleye will leverage and combine its existing technology – the company’s world leading AI computer vision system with a satellite, to identify waste from a bird’s eye view. Until now, Recycleye Vision has been deployed inside recycling facilities across the UK and France, identifying waste by material, object and even brand, building the world’s largest waste image dataset in the process. The regional success of Recycleye’s technology has led us to ask how Recycleye will accelerate the transparency of removal chains on a global scale?

Our team of engineers have been working in stealth mode to develop the satellite-vision system which will be launched into space on 4th October. The computer vision system attached to the satellite will capture images on earth from space, identifying waste in all corners of the world, from public parks to the oceans!

Roger Chaffe CEO of Vostok, Recycleye’s satellite partner commented: “Combining our highly intelligent satellite machine with Recycleye’s vision system is a global milestone in reducing the rising volumes of waste. Identification is the first step in cleaning our planet, and Recycleye’s advanced vision system is identifying waste on a scale unseen before.”


Once the satellite-vision system has identified waste in public environments, local authorities will be contacted to identify and target areas of high waste generation, previously discarded.

Recycleye’s CEO Victor Dewulf added: “Recycleye’s satellite system is pushing the company closer to realising its mission of accelerating the world’s transition towards a circular economy. Our vision system was previously restricted to identifying collected waste inside facilities. However, Recycleye satellite-vision expands our capabilities to identifying waste in all environments, helping to clean public spaces and increase kerbside sorting!”

The launch will be live streamed on – please contact our team to sign up for exclusive access to the launch.

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