4 May, 2021  —  Recycleye, the intelligent waste management company, today announced it has joined the NVIDIA Metropolis Partner Program. The program is designed to nurture and bring to market a new generation of applications and solutions that make the world’s most important spaces and operations safer and more efficient with advancements in AI vision. 

To date, the limited availability of scalable recognition technologies has pushed the waste management industry towards a reliance on manual waste pickers to identify and extract high-value recyclable materials. However, the economic inefficiencies of manual sorting has increased demand for an affordable automated sorting solution that can boost recycling rates.

nvidia metropolis

Since its inception in 2019, Recycleye has validated and installed across the UK and France a world-leading AI vision system capable of identifying and classifying individual items of waste streams — by material and object. Recycleye uses the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK and Transfer Learning Toolkit to deploy highly optimised video analytics. This creates higher item identification accuracy as well as provides clients with high-level actionable insights.

NVIDIA Metropolis makes it easier and more cost-effective for enterprises, governments, and integration partners to leverage world-class AI-enabled solutions to improve critical operational efficiency and safety problems. The NVIDIA Metropolis ecosystem contains a large and growing breadth of partners who are investing in the most advanced AI techniques, most efficient deployment platforms, and use an enterprise-class approach to their solutions. Partners have the opportunity to gain early access to NVIDIA platform updates to enhance and accelerate their AI application development efforts. Further, the program offers the opportunity for partners to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organizations.

Sebastian Millar, Computer Vision Engineer at Recycleye, added: “Partnering with NVIDIA through the Metropolis programme is pivotal in helping Recycleye achieve its mission to accelerate the world’s transition towards a circular economy. Embedding NVIDIA’s platforms within Recycleye’s novel solutions has allowed Recycleye’s technologies to exceed human performance in waste item identification, providing our clients with highly reliable and affordable automated systems.”