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Recycleye Joins Nvidia Inception Programme

Recycleye today announced it has joined the NVIDIA Inception program as a community member.

The program is designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

Recycleye will use the program to gain access to ground-breaking technologies, computational power, marketing assistance and mentoring. The company is already using many of NVIDIA’s products in the development of its computer vision and deep learning algorithms.

Recycleye is building machine learning tools to enable the smarter characterisation, ubiquitous tracking and automated sorting of waste.

No time to waste — let’s bring Recycleye’s technology to the world and accelerate our transition to a circular economy!

Recycleye is also hiring, so if you think that you can program in half the time most people think possible and want to solve one of the world’s biggest problems, get in touch with us.


AI-powered plastic sorting project delivers world first in food-grade sorting.

An AI-powered plastic sorting project led by Recycleye, Valorplast, and TotalEnergies has delivered a world first towards food-grade polypropylene mechanical recycling. Collaborative research project OMNI directed by Recycleye, Valorplast, and TotalEnergies to enhance the circularity of polypropylene (PP) food packaging led to ground-breaking results. The new technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision,…


Benedetta Delfino, ML Tech Lead, contributes to Resource article on AI in waste

Our ML Tech Lead, Benedetta Delfino, contributed her expertise to an article by Resource Media, which explores the reality and potential of using AI to automate sorting and quality assessment in MRFs. With comments from Claire Shrewsbury (WRAP), Tom Passmore (Dsposal), Stuart Hayward-Higham (SUEZ UK) and Phil Longhurst (Cranfield University), the piece explores the scope…


Panda Ireland hails efficiency of 4 Recycleye robots, one year on.

Panda Ireland has spoken on the simplicity and efficiency of its 4 Recycleye robots, one year after installation at the Ballymount MRF. Retrofitted to Panda’s site in November 2022, the AI-powered robots automate the MRF’s quality control operations. 2 of the 4 robots are removing contamination from a mixed paper line, whilst another is removing…