At Recycleye, sustainability is at the heart of our organisation, and we are proud to announce that we have been featured in the Microsoft Sustainability Report!

With 2 trillion tonnes of waste being produced each year – only 8% of which is recycled, a viable solution is needed to increase rates of recycling globally and accelerate the world’s transition towards a circular economy.

Computer Vision to Detect Waste

“Recycleye has developed a computer vision system that replicates the power of human vision to identify every item in waste streams, using AI to automate waste sorting and improve recycling. The organization recognized the huge issue of waste management and the importance of accelerating the transition towards a circular economy. It is using deep learning and AI advancements with a low cost, rapidly deployable, decentralized, scalable, and fully automated sorting solution which can be deployed inside waste management facilities. Their goal is to create waste removal chains that are just as efficient as today ́s supply chains, bringing transparency, accountability, and traceability to the waste management industry.”

This feature is an incredible milestone for us and a taste of greater things to come! Thank you to Microsoft who have played a key role in the early success of the company. We look forward to continuing this partnership and fulfilling our mission of Spearheading the Green Revolution!

View the full report here: Microsoft Sustainability Report

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