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Maddyness Features Recycleye: ‘The Company Using AI to Reshape Recycling’

Maddyness, the go-to magazine for innovators, has published a feature article on Recycleye, ‘The Company Using AI to Reshape Recycling’.

The publication outlines how Microsoft is supporting Recycleye in digitising the waste management industry.

“Recycleye’s solution – a computer vision system, which is as adept at sorting items into waste streams as the human eye – is cheap, decentralised and fit to be rolled out rapidly across the world.”

Recycleye is now also training recycling robotics to bring transparency and traceability to the waste management industry.

Read the full article on the Maddyness here


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Sociedade Ponto Verde, Tetra Pak and Valorsul invest in the first AI sorting robot in Portugal

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VALTRIS and Recycleye successfully complete first automated robotic sorting project

28th May 2024 Today, VALTRIS, the DMR sorting centre in the Charleroi region of Belgium, announced the successful installation and commissioning of a robot for sorting recyclable materials within a waste stream. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), in collaboration with the UK company Recycleye, this was VALTRIS’ first investment in robotic sorting, representing real added…