Want to know more about the company? Recycleye sat down with Equipment Connect to discuss how our technology is disrupting the waste industry, what our plans for the new year are, and more.

Here’s a sneak peak:

“The population is growing, driving consumption and waste generation globally. At the moment, the pace of waste generation exceeds sorting of waste and the ability to manage it. Material sent for sorting actually ends up in landfill, and globally we’re only recycling about 8% of waste!

The UK has failed to reach its own recycling target of 50%, and so the pace of sorting in the waste management industry needs to rise.

Our model is to bring low-cost technologies to the industry, through vision systems and affordable robotics.

The vision algorithms we have developed replicate human vision. Trained using millions of images (2.6m on our database currently), a vision system can identify individual items on a conveyor belt, even down to brand. You can imagine that, as well as the sorting itself, the data gathered massively contributes to traceability & transparency in recycling too.

The systems also give live data insights, allowing users to really drill down into specific areas of their operation. This can help create optimised plants and maximise sorting. Manual picking is very expensive. Intelligent systems are the driver in creating a long-term strategy for the circular economy.”

To find out how we’re spearheading the green revolution, read the article in Equipment Connect here