26 May, 2021  — Recycleye will be participating in The European House – Ambrosetti Technology Forum this year, where our CEO, Victor Dewulf, will be speaking exclusively on how Recycleye’s cutting-edge solutions are overcoming the impacts of Covid-19 on the waste management industry!

To date, the limited availability of scalable recognition technologies has pushed the waste management industry towards a reliance on manual waste pickers in order to identify and extract high value materials. However, the repetitive nature of waste sorting has exposed pickers to long-term health conditions which has since been exacerbated since the advent of Covid-19. Recycleye’s technological break-throughs are replacing the sensing equivalent of a near-infra-red sensor, eddy currents, magnets, and humans for quality control purposes. Such technological systems are necessary in moving MRFs towards a tech-enabled model where most operational decisions are made by machines, allowing facilities to adapt dynamically and rapidly to changing conditions, such as the pandemic.

The European House – Ambrosetti is a consulting firm which focuses on the three pillars of sustainability: planet, people and profit. Now in its 10th year, the 2021 Technology Forum will be held virtually from 24-27th May to spark conversation on how to relaunch economic growth post-pandemic. The forum vaunts an invaluable world-wide network of contacts on the highest level of sectors, including top-level decision-makers within multi-national institutions.

Come along tomorrow and find out how we’re transforming the technological landscape in the waste management sector!

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