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Transformative performance. Completed.

Turning the world’s trash into resources.  

Traditionally, costs of sorting valuable resources are higher than the value gained from selling them . That’s changing today, thanks to innovative, data- driven technology that accomplishes the task of sorting waste faster, smarter and more reliably.  

We are already present at locations throughout Europe and the United States . You can also work with us to add value to  your sorting processes through higher purity and additional raw material yields – with insightful results. 

Bryson with Robot

our mission 

We offer more profitable material recovery using robust, reliable and effective sorting technology, making us a trusted partner for waste and circular economy . 

Reliable partnership. Completed.

Combined with ongoing end- to -end support, proven wealth of ideas and the expertise needed every step of the way , we help you benefit from the right solutions for the needs of your sorting system . 

State-of-the-art Recycleye technology and unique research in WasteNet help you modernize and optimize the processes of your sorting systemquickly , easily retrofitted and cost effectively . 

Recycleye at FCC with councellors

Reliable cooperation with market leaders  

FANUC Partnership

FANUC and Recycleye in partnership

Our partnership with FANUC in the UK means shared innovation to provide the best waste sorting solutions.  

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