Robotic automation investment even more attractive for Italy as Recycleye confirms Italian Industry 4.0 accreditation.


We are excited to announce that Recycleye is now an accredited supplier of industrial equipment in Italy, following our attainment of the Industry 4.0 accreditation – making it the perfect time to invest in our technology for waste management companies based in Italy.

The new accreditation is good news for companies across Italy as it enables them to benefit from the ground-breaking Recycleye waste sorting technology, already successfully deployed in the country, and across Europe, and enjoy a tax credit of 20% on the cost of equipment valued up to 2.5 million euros.

The tax credit is available to all businesses established in Italy, across all activity sectors and of all sizes, and allows Italian businesses to reduce costs when investing in tangible assets such as robots and non-tangible assets such as software in the 2022 tax year.

Using the tax credit, the Italian waste management industry will be able to access the latest in ground-breaking AI-powered robots, able to sort dry mixed recyclable waste accurately and consistently 24/7, with its robustness allowing it to operate efficiently in even the most adverse of conditions.  Our powerful 6-axis system, known as Recycleye Robotics, was developed specifically for sorting household and commercial waste and can sort up to 33,000 individual items over a 10-hour shift, using its unique pick, rotate and shoot mechanism.

MRFs using Recycleye Robotics – which is driven by an AI computer vision system known as Recycleye Vision – have already benefited from the solution elsewhere in Europe. It has delivered results including a 12% increase in target material picked with less than 1% contamination on a plastics line at FCC’s re3 plant in Reading, England, as well as a line at Bryson Recycling’s MRF in Mallusk, Northern Ireland.

The robot is easily installed by a small team over two days, at a low cost, without the need for any heavy machinery – and it can be retrofitted to any existing line. Once installed, the robot operates with a relatively low energy use compared to a delta robot. Equally, a – including access to local Fanuc engineers – means that customers in Italy will benefit from support and maintenance whenever it may be required.

Speaking about the accreditation, Turi Lo Sardo, Technical Sales Manager for Italy, said “Investment in new technology is an expensive and sometimes risky undertaking for any business, especially one in waste management that is processing large volumes of materials.  This support enables Italian business to invest for the future, knowing they are choosing a cutting-edge solution for which a substantial amount of the cost will be claimed back.”

If your MRF is based in Italy and you would like to find out more about how Recycleye Robotics could benefit you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Turi via LinkedIn or email.