At a glance:

The Bryson team was looking for a solution to improve purity on a paper line, particularly to pick brown board and carton from a mixed line.

About Bryson Recycling:

Bryson Recycling is the UK’s largest social enterprise recycler, based in Mallusk, Co. Antrim, near Belfast.  Established almost 30 years ago, Bryson today runs 12 facilities, with 65,000 tonnes of waste processed in 2021. The company employs over 300 people.


The installation was quick, simple, completed without large equipment and at low cost by a small team over a weekend.  This minimised cost and reduced impact on business operations. Following initial commissioning, the AI-driven robotic solution is picking consistently, producing an average of 400,000 items a month of target material.  Watch Engineering Manager, Jarek Stanislawek talk about the project

Key metrics:

Bryson Recycling wanted to invest in robotic sorting as part of a continuous innovation journey. Working with Recycleye, they found the right partner to deliver a solution to meet their quality and volume output needs an average of 55 successful picks per minute of target materials

  1. 35-50 successful target picks per minute
  2. Low installation costs of £10k
  3. 100% support from the Recycleye team


  • Increased yield from target material, the robot has increased the purity and volume of target board and carton material
  • Increased output – running longer than a human’s shift, with more than 95% availability, robotic picking has increased output on the line by 10%
  • Increased clarity from user friendly dashboards that deliver accurate and close to real-time information on the MRF’s output

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