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Game-changing efficiencies. Sorted.

A world-first innovation for your facility.

Recycleye Airjets

Recycleye Airjets

Purity determines the value generated by your waste. Sorting to high granularity is your most coveted capability. AI enables differentiation such as aluminium aerosols from beverage cans and extracting batteries from WEEE.

Recycleye Airjets combine robust AI computer vision with trusted pneumatic ejectors to sort your waste to object level granularity, as well as material class.

Designed to apply powerful AI to pneumatic ejection, Recycleye Airjets sort DMR, WEEE and more to support profitable outputs from your plant.

Sort categories previously impossible to detect.

Achieve granularity impossible with established technology.

AI-powered high volume sorting.

Supports OPEX cost control.

Fast retrofit with minimal plant modifications.

Easily retrofitted over an existing belt.

Recycleye Support brings peace of mind.

Tailored packages ensure trouble-free operation.

Clear business benefits. Sorted.

Use AI that’s as accurate as a human eye to achieve unprecedented sorting granularity. It works at up to 1,000 ejections per minute to increase the resale price of your material bales.

Maximise value extraction from your waste, with pioneering technology that is quickly and easily retrofitted over your existing belt.

Your installation is supported from installation to operation by our expert engineering teams.

Recycleye airjet hood and Vision

Leading hardware partner

Recycleye Airjets combine ground-breaking AI with trusted ejection technology, developed in partnership with MSS with over 500 units deployed.

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